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Solo Exhibition. 1 de 7 Gallery

Cruce de miradas

EXCHANGE OF GLANCES Documentary photography as a reflect of the society in which we live in, it is more an observation exercise than an work of investigation that is more characteristic of my labor. I’m interested in people glances, as […]




Very concentrated man writing, he is folding himself up to concentrate and not to let thoughts dissolve, at the back a man is watching the whole situation with no rush.


Woman with red umbrella

Mujer con paraguas rojo.

Fine composition as far as elements is concern, both red compose perfect as well as the dark and white tones. Straight lines that break and redefine boundaries within the picture to discover the figure in the middle of it.  


Untitled (Calle Nueva York)

Sin título

NYC street photography. There is a confusion about where is the reality and where is the reflect, it is almost as if they were different realities in it with different planes like those cardboard theaters. Black and white photography because […]