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Computer generatedStill

B de BMC


This is an sculptural B, a 3d Line. Most of my work made with lines is not flat; well, it is flat because is on a flat surface but it ´ s intended to be three dimensional, with depth in […]



A series of paintings where I tried to represent boundaries, not just land but what is inside the land as persons, animals, culture and everything in it hat cannot cross the limit without permission and the are different and differentiated […]


The Cricketers

Pub The cricketers

This is a ink drawing of the place I used to call home. I lived on the first floor above this pub in Kennington/Oval in London. Before I returned back to Spain I gave it to Sr Texeira, the owner […]


Lines (Volume)

This is a series of painting  in a extremely pale colour, like most of my work the piece hasn ´t got a ¨right ¨ way of be shown, as the viewer is the person who is chosen to make his […]