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I´m an apprentice of an artist with the goal for making my life creating. Please refer to the biography for more information.
Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain

Lines (Volume)

This is a series of painting  in a extremely pale colour, like most of my work the piece hasn ´t got a ¨right ¨ way of be shown, as the viewer is the person who is chosen to make his […]



Borja Moreno (Seville 1972). Multidisciplinary artist, he develop work which covers painting, sculpture or computer animation, as well as photography; this wide range of media is what make his work very attractive for his approach and finishes. He started with […]



My work focuses in showing reality, a black and white reality since color only distract and it is used mainly to decorate. This color absence makes my work direct and concise, concentrating in the idea over the entertainment facet. I […]